Royal Group was founded in 1919.The company has started from construction of roads and buildings and later diversified its business to other sectors including Energy, Trade and execution of infrastructural projects.

Royal Group is well-funded and financially stable. Our resources coupled with knowledge of the global market and local business practices, have given us the ability to be very proactive in the marketplace and adjust quickly to any dynamic market.

With the expertise and enthusiasm of its team, Royal Group is better prepared than ever before to create sustainable value for its stakeholders including clients.

Key Facts
1.Experience: 97 Years
2.Employees: 4,800+
3.USD /Turnover: 1.8 Billion
4.Missing Delivery: 0

1.Property Development & Investment
2.Trade & Finance

1.Architecture and Design
2.Building and Construction
3.Interior Design
4.Master Planning
5.Project Management
6.Space Planning
7.Feasibility Studies
8.Project Supervision
9.Contract Administration

Property Development & Investment
--Kish Business Center
Year : 2005
350,000 sqm 1500 Stores
Value: USD 800 Million
The Largest Mall in Kish Free Zone

--Qom Business Center
Year : 2013
162,000 sqm 600 Stores Value: USD 400 Million
First and the Largest Shopping Mall in Qom, Qom Province, Iran

--Damas Project
Year : 2008
80,000 sqm 16 Stories
Value: USD 120 Million
Location: Kish Island, Iran

Year : 2005
350,000 sqm 1500 Stores
Value: USD 632 Million
Location: Istanbul,Turkey

--7th Continent Astana
Year : 2006

150,000 sqm
Value: USD 315 Million
Location:Astana, Kazakhstan

- GOPAŞ Urban Transformation Master Plan GAZİOSMANPAŞA
- ŞERİFALİ ATAŞEHİR Urban Transformation Master Plan
- AWAZA Region Touristic Mega Complex Master Plan

--Hilton Istanbul Bomonti
Year : 2013
Location: Istanbul ,Turkey

• Airport • Road & Tunnel • Metro • Rail

Roads & Tunnel
• Grade One in Road Construction
• 10,000 Km executed Highways and Roads
• 200 Km Annual Road Construction Capacity
• 2 Km Annual Tunnel Construction Capacity

In connection with Vamed, a known Austrian company in the field project development and consultancy, engineering & construction, management and rehabilitation of healthcare centers, Royal is building 3 (three) major hospital with below
• 2000 beds
• 3 Hospitals (1x1000+2x500)
• Non-profit
• To be managed by Vamed for first five years

-Edalat University
• Founded in 2012
• Private and Non-Profit
• Economics, Private Law, Criminal Law
Criminology and Jurisprudence Principles of the Islamic Law
• 500 Students in Master and PHD

1-Oil & Gas
3-Renewable Energies

-Fields of Activities


-Services – Engineering


-Services – Procurement

-Worldwide Locations

-Services – Construction Activities

-Services - Solutions
1-Inter Banking Solution Systems
2-Banking Infrastructure
3-Network Solution
• Oil Products
• Heavy Equipment
• Industrial Goods
• Vehicles
• Luxury Goods & Furniture

• Investment Services
• Insurance
• Accounting

-International Partnerships
• INTECSA ( Spain )
• TICB ( India)
• SINOPEC (China)

Service is everything. We provide a full range of construction design services to make the building process an enjoyable one. We focus on anticipating and exceeding the expectations of all of our business partners, finding the best solutions for their needs and responding in a timely manner. We want to help you build a successful project. Our collaborative construction approach brings all of the services you need from concept to offer many value-added services that we developed to add additional levels of quality, safety, collaboration and more to your project. The key to a successful project and making it an enjoyable experience is our ability to manage your project from start to finish.
We progress our goals and projects on the best resources to achieve the best results :
• developing knowledge oriented Builders
• Cost - Schedule Management
• Project support-Management
• Safety , Supervision and Coordination
• Quality Control
• Data control and Fact sheet

More than ever, there is a need to determine how seriously an Organisation's external Contractors and service providers take Health & Safety and to professionally assess the suitability of their arrangements. With over 50 years’ experience in the construction of high rise concrete structures and the design of associated temporary works, the team has shown time and again its ability to perform to the highest of standards. In order to guarantee that our pledges become a reality we actively look to communicate with our Clients and measure our performance through the setting of targets and on-going review.Whichever system our clients need, we take a top down approach to help save time and work closely with other group members Royal Group who will take on the concrete structure and complete it to the highest of finishes.This certifies us that we are using the most innovative and best practice approach today.

We have experience to undertake any new build project. Havingbest choices for all your structural requirements, we could exchange all initial data to final plan which reflects your ideas and our records include a wide range of projects – from Road building , residential projects and shopping centres to sporting areas, leisure centres,hotels, and historicalbuildingrefurbishment . the usual things that are common with all ... Lean Construction .so that customer could allocate his/her bugets in right places and TIME.

Through Royal Group , we have cultivated Good road for Feasibilty, with a particular emphasis on working within occupied premises.Our fit out construction processes are supported by in-house services linked with an advanced comprehension of the latest technologies and training required for this sector of the market. It provides a visual in communicating changes to our trade partners, or virtually showing the steps to installation when we’re erecting large building components.

And with a philosophy of total team coordination, trust and mutual respect, we have an extremely high percentage of repeat business with both clients and consultants.

Top history , top culture and top background through our in-depth knowledge of history buildings and experience of refurbishment projects, we are well aware of the importance of understanding, recognising and advising on the scope of solutions available for each particular project. we have 1001 solutions for each Refurbishment project . each project is one lesson and We leverage these lessons learned and best practices by incorporating into the next project.we constantly improve our performance and quality by reflecting, learning, sharing information from our projects and services.

Focus on your core business, while our experts evaluate your environment and determine chances and opportunities hiden back of your built assets to maximize your savings and optimize your investments. Have your assets high feedback ? Does your executive team have visibility into your portfolio of buildings, leases and operating costs? Does your quality control team measure these rates ? Who should care more about them ? when and how ? Opportunity lies in the most unexpected places , just let us show you them in at least your time and cost in front of you .

RG consulting provides all relative managing advices to deliver solutions which ensure Safe and Quality by its positive point views of exelence under a well-trained workforce. Two parties obliged to think their benefits to exchange their construction issues for creating approaches with bellow missions :
giving right job to right people for righht goal
to enrich quality and diminish cost for delivery on time
Long term relationships of our customers and our people
Assurance :
Smart Target needs Wise Men !!!

As part of a world leader, we have the strength to maintain our course and continue to make things happen – on budget and on time. In a period of global uncertainty, it should be Smart target to overcome all barriers conveniently . At the highest level, health and safety is our key responsibility. That’s why we are committed to working incident and injury free.Even more important, it figures out how a proposed change will affect subcontractor costs and scheduling. Although from varied backgrounds, our leaders share a common vision and values; they possess a passion for building .While our projects – like others across the industry – need to maintain a focus on cost and value for our clients, the Royal Group places a very strong emphasis on achieving these aims while still maintaining high quality delivery across all its companies and projects.We continue to challenge ourselves with smat targets shared across the group businesses, the outcomes of which are validated by precise measurement.

Projects :
Commercial ,Public Centers , Shoppings and Malls
Heritage & Culture
Hospitality , Hotels
Infrastructure (Road buildings ,Tunnels , ... )
Leisure & Recreation
Oil & Gas